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Latest Stable version:
XPindex-0.84.tar.gz (2004-04-01)
Latest Beta version:
XPindex-0.90-Beta-3.tar.gz (2005-08-29)

What's the project about?

The project is about letting Apache's default dir listing look like Windows XP explorer.

Why is this project started?

I started this 'project' after discussing with a collegue that it would be fairly simple to make an Windows XP explorer look for the Apache directory listings, this is the result.

What does it look like?

Follow the link to the download directory as an example.

How does it work?

It is very simple PHP script which results in a XHTML 1.1 file, completed with CSS and some images (all PNG).

What can it do now?

What will come (todo)?


What do you need to have?

On what is it known to work?


v0.90 beta 3 (2005-08-29)

Thanks to Brian for his comments and ideas.

v0.90 beta 2 (2005-08-18)

Thanks to Anders Østerholt for his comments and providing the norwegian translation.

v0.90 Beta 1 (2005-08-17)

v0.84 (2004-04-01)

v0.83 (2004-03-24)

v0.82 (2003-12-08)

v0.81 (2003-12-08)

v0.80 (2003-11-24)

Thanks to Guillermo Rodriguez Garcia, Chris Hoogenboezem, Mark Stunnenberg and Onno Molenkamp for their ideas, code and fixes.

v0.70-w32 (2003-07-08)

It's not a nice hack, also you can't see the owner or group of a file. And you will have to disable directory browsing to enable XPindex.

v0.70 (2003-02-23)

Thanks to Daan Schuitmaker, Wieger Hofstra and Mark Stunnenberg for their ideas and fixes.

v0.61 (2003-02-08)

v0.60 (2003-02-08)

Thanks to Wieger Hofstra for his ideas and additions.

v0.51 (2003-02-02)

v0.50 (2003-02-02)

v0.40 (2003-01-28)

Thanks to Mark Stunnenberg for his ideas and additions.

v0.30 (2002-08-20)

v0.20 (2002-08-20)

v0.10 (2002-08-17)