KoeEditor 2

What is KoeEditor ?
First of all the name of the application: "KoeEditor", Koe is the dutch word for cow, which is, of course, the association with the Distributed.net cow. The application makes it possible for you to edit your client settings in a graphical layout instead of the sometimes difficult console which comes along with the client itself.

Download your personal copy of KoeEditor here!
2.9005.483.22 KoeEditor 2.9005.483.22 - 551 Kb - Executable
KoeEditor 2.9005.483.22 - 269 Kb - Zipped KoeEditor - 553 Kb - Executable
KoeEditor - 272 Kb - Zipped

KoeEditor is freeware. Suggestions and bugs can be sent to Michaël Hompus.


Some screenshots to give you an idea of the application.

Historical information
About a year ago I started making the application (KoeEditor 1.0) but I lost my source code with a harddisk crash (damn, the backups were on another partition, not on another drive) I still have the old executable and it is listed here. There are known bugs and also while developing 2.0 I discovered more and more of them :).
Maybe you like to see the difference between the two.
KoeEditor - 485 Kb - Executable

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